Sania Mirza might be a renowned name in women's tennis but it's cricket that sets her pulse racing. Therefore it comes as no surprise when she is exicted at India's historic win overAustralia and finds Sachin Tendulkar's milestone of becoming the leading Test scorer inspiring. 

Cricket has been my first love. It was great to see India winning over the best team in the world with such a big margin," said the Hyderabadi.

Sania Mirza addedd: It is very inspiring, not only for myself but for every cricket follower.Sachin is one of the best cricketer of the world, so it is a proud moment for everyone. I messaged to congratulate him.


  1. Anonymous // October 25, 2008 at 11:37 PM  

    hey so sania knows sachins mobile no haaa... thats the reason he gifted her a palio earlier....

  2. Anonymous // October 26, 2008 at 1:56 AM  

    Today's Beautiful Cricket-ing Gem: The part of a passage from the Modern Mahabharata (India) entitled " Yaksha's questions to a great Sachin Tendulkar Fan - Yudhistira" .

    "Yudhistira also descended into the pool, in his turn drawn to
    the water by a consuming thirst. At once the voice without form
    warned as before: `Your brothers died because they did not heed
    my words. Do not follow them. Answer my questions first and then
    quench your thirst. This pool is mine.'

    "Yudhistira knew that these could be none other than the words
    of a yaksha and guessed what had happende to his brothers. He
    saw a possible way of redeeming the situation. He said to the
    bodiless voice: `Please ask your questions.'

    Yaksha:`What makes the sun shine every day?'
    Yudhistira : `The power of Sachin Tendulkar.'

    `What rescues man in danger?'
    `Courage is man's salvation in danger, as It shown by Sachin in Sydney & Perth Test in 1992 against fearsome attack n conditions.'

    `By the study of which science does man become wise?'
    `Not by studying any sastra does man become wise. It is by association with the great Sachin Tendulkar that gets wisdom.'

    `What is more nobly sustaining than the earth?'
    `Very much Sachin brings up the records and born-ing nobler and more understanding than the earth.'

    `What is higher than the sky?'
    `Sachin Tendulkar rock solid defense on and off the field.'

    `What is fleeter than the wind?'
    `Sachin's Straight Drive.'

    `What is more blighted than the withered straw?'
    `Sachin Tendulkar's Bat'

    `What befriends a traveller?'
    `Learning Sachin's adulation of games-manship'

    `Who is the friend of one who stays at home?'
    `Sachin's Auti-Biography-- Yet to be released.'

    `Who accompanies a man in death?'
    `Sachin's presence in Don Bradman's Team'

    `Which is the biggest vessel?'
    `Wisden's Record book contributing Sachin's innings and still incomplete'

    `What is happines?'
    `Sachin's batting with Vinod Kambli at other end'

    `What is that, abandoning that man will be loved by all?'
    `Malfunctioning Sachin's ethic to Life-- for abandoning that man will be loved by all.'

    `What is the loss that yields joy and not sorrow?'
    `Sachin's Dismissal -- giving it up we will no longer be subject to sorrow.'

    `What is that, by giving up which, man becomes rich?'
    `Eat Cricket, Play Cricket & Sleep Cricket-- getting rid of it, man becomes wealthier than Sachin's potential.' "

    Yaksha: I am pleased with your answers. Which of your brothers do you wish to come back to life?

    Yudhishtira: Nakula (Step-brother of Yudhistira).

    As the dialogue continued, one by one Yudhishtira got all his brothers back. "Why did you want your stepbrothers, Nakula and Sahadeva, restored to life first, and not your own brothers, Bhima and Arjuna?" - asked Yaksha. Yudhishtira replied, I do not make any difference between my own brothers and my step-brothers, bcz my own brothers know about Sachin but now Its on younger generation to percieve all the greatness about Sachin without any racial conflict or generation conflict " Then Yamadharma, who had taken the form of a Yaksha, appeared in his own person. He said, "Because you uphold the kind Dharma idiolizing the Great Master of Cricket... victory will be yours."

    With these words he blessed Yudhishtira and disappeared.

    Om Santih! Peace! ......

    - Prof. Vinayak Ranjan, Purnea, Bihar

    True Story follows---