My body is doing fine and at the moment I am not thinking of any plans to retire.
Normally I prefer to think of the present, not of what I am going to do in the next
four,five of six years of my life,he said.

If I think it is time to hang up I will let everybody know.There is nothing to hide in it.I know it will make news but that I don't think it is a negative news that I have to hide from everyone,Tendulkar added.

I normally prefer to think of which match I am going to play next and what sort of planning I should do and which bowling attack would be used on me. Tendulkar said he will miss Sourav Ganguly with whom he shared a special understanding on the filed while batting.

I will definitely miss him. It happened many a times with Sourav that when we were on the wicket and between the overs we used to know looking at each other's face that there is a lot a of stress and the situation is important or whether it is necessary to relax.When you go to play the next ball then it is important to have 100 per cent concentration. But when you do not need 100 per cent concentration it is important to relax. So at that time I use to try to speak to him in Bengali whether it was correct or not. So the atmosphere gets relaxed and we play our natural game," he said of his 12-year association with Ganguly.

Talking about the captains under whom he has played in the 19 years of his international career,Tendulkar said Rahul Dravid was different from a Ganguly or a Krishnamachari Srikkanth in that he was a serious sort who wants to maintain peace
in the dressing room.

Rahul is a serious sort of a player. He is focused and he likes to maintain peace in the dressing room. So he was a different captain. There is a Srikkanth who used to crack jokes and laugh and there is Rahul who is focused and serious.

Srikkanth used to joke with me then (when I first played under him) and also when I became 35-year-old.When there is tension in the dressing room he would crack some jokes to try to make a relaxed atmosphere and prepare everyone for the game. He used to prepare in a different way.Like Srikkanth, Sourav also used to entertain teammates. He used to crack different jokes and try to ease off pressure.


  1. Anonymous // February 20, 2009 at 1:08 PM  

    He will not retire till he grabs one world cup. Long Live Sachin.