When Sehwag was quizzed earlier about the difference between him and Sachin Tendulkar,
he said it would be their bank balances,but swashbuckling said recently that as a batsman he can never be “half of what the batting maestro is".

Sehwag who resembles like a Tendulkar, when both are at the wicket, had said "the only difference between us is in our bank balance. I am nowhere near him.”

In fact, Sehwag arguably the most daring batsman in world cricket today had quoted in a recent interview that he would be honoured if Tendulkar is viewed as his ‘guru.’

“I would be honoured if he is viewed as my guru and I as his shishya (disciple).”


Interesting answers from Sehwag which quizzed about Little master;

1>When you view Tendulkar, what’s the thing about him you wish you had?

Everything. And it’s just not about his unique style of batting. It is his humility, his entire persona. I really feel his records will never be broken.For somebody to do it, he would not only need the talent and longevity but also a rare luck with injuries. And that still might not be enough!

He started his career at the age of 15 plus. Somebody would have to start at 14 years! The equations you need to have in your favour to get past his 83 international centuries and nearly 30,000 runs (and still counting) are nearly impossible.

2>Sure bowlers would have tried to rile you with their tongue over the years. A fiery fast bowler, say somebody like Shoaib Akhtar?

Yes they do. I remember Shoaib Akhtar launching a verbal fusillade during my triple century in Pakistan. He kept bowling bouncers and taunting me: ‘Maar. Himmat hai to ise maar’ (if you have courage hit these bouncers) or ‘tu sirf third man par hi shot mar sakta hai’ (you can only hit in the third man area).
I kept telling him: ‘Yeh tu mere non-striker saathi ko bowl kar ke dekh (You try bowling to my non-striker partner). My partner at that stage was Tendulkar.