Dont think of Sachin Tendulkar getting retired from International cricket matches,as runs are flowing from his bat again, little master was saying he is motivated enough to keep going as long as he enjoys the game.

After scoring more than 29,000 international runs,including 85 centuries,Tendulkar has little left to achieve in the world of cricket. Tendulkar however insists he has not run out of motivation yet and would go on as long as he continues performing.

Tendulkar said he loves the game and has a lot to keep going for. I'm always a firm believer of chasing dreams. My dream was to play for India as long as possible, which is the ultimate thing for me.

It all started because I was in love with the sport and once you are in love with the sport, you don't need anyone to come and motivate you, he said.

I've not made up my mind yet. I'm extremely happy to be in this position and enjoying every outing. It has been fantastic journey.

I have been through various challenges and ups and downs. It's all circles of life and I want to complete the circle.

As long as I'm enjoying and giving my best, I'll continue to play. The day I start feeling otherwise, that will be the time to stop.

I know that billion people expect good things from the Indian cricket team and it's obvious that such high expectations keep you on your toes.